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Energy Procurement

We are changing the way business procure their energy. Energy procurement is extremely complicated and if you get it wrong, it can be very expensive. To remove the stress of dealing with energy contracts and suppliers, we handle all the administration from start to finish, which saves your business time and money.
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Energy Procurement
Dynamic Purchasing System Framework (DPS)
Solar PV Panels
EV Charging
Automatic Switching

Solar PV Panels

You can harness infinite energy resources to unlock further financial and environmental benefits whilst capitalising on energy savings and meeting sustainability goals. We are here to help you find the best solutions for your business, understand how it works and the benefits they can offer to help meet your sustainability goals.
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money on your energy bills
your dependency on the grid
your carbon footprint
and low maintenance
your business risk
Installations usually save businesses around
on their current energy costs

Voltage Optimisation

Voltage optimisation (VO) is a transformer-based technology which optimises the incoming supply from the national grid to match the voltage required by equipment at your organisation. UK appliances need 220 volts to operate at an optimum level, the average supplied by the National Grid is 242 volts. Installing a Voltage Optimiser will give guaranteed savings as well as increase the longevity of your appliances.
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Cost saving of around 9% per annum
Up to 19% reduction in electric spend
Easy installation by qualified technician
Electrical equipment longevity
Carbon footprint reduction
Works with solar PV and EV charging

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